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I’ve been burying my head in all kinds of sex videos ever since the college days. Over the years, I’ve had just about everything imaginable (that’s legal of course) streaming in front of me at least once in my lifetime. Well, at least I thought I had until I recently discovered an augmented reality sex video.

This wasn’t like any kind of movie I had seen before. I wasn’t ‘watching’ it per se, but rather, I was participating in it. The girl wasn’t having sex with some meaty dude on the screen, she was laying flat on my bed with her legs spread wide open having hardcore sex with me.

For those who haven’t tried AR porn yet, let me explain. She was a digitally created model that used 4D volumetric data technology. What this means was I was able to walk around her and see her from any angle I decided. She wasn’t a pre-recorded video on my laptop screen, she was a real-life life-sized model that was running in real-time. I could stand behind her and fuck her in the asshole, or I could lay her on her back and pound her like a whore until the cows come home. Just a quick, 2-second adjustment and I went from doggy to missionary like it was nothing and then just carried on banging her.

If you wanted to check out some augmented reality porn websites to see what it’s all about then, by all means, do so. Its a pretty crazy experience to say the least and I can almost guarantee you’ve never had digital sex quite like it before!

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